(ENG)노팅엄 트렌트 대학교 졸업생으로서 했던 인터뷰 – NTU Interview (Fashion Marketing & Branding)

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‘영국에서 패션마케팅 공부하기’는 저의 3년간의 경험이 담긴 책입니다. 이번 개정판을 작업하면서 전반적으로 새로운 내용뿐만 아니라 이해를 돕기 위해 학교 프로젝트 및 인턴십, 유학 생활 관련 이미지도 추가되었습니다. 디자이너 지수님의 손을 거쳐 예쁜 북으로 재탄생되었어요.

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노팅엄 트렌트 대학교 (Nottingham Trent University)에서 패션 마케팅 & 브랜딩(BA)을 전공한 졸업생으로서 했던 인터뷰입니다.

1. Why did you choose NTU over other UK universities and other universities in the world?

First, fashion courses at NTU have an outstanding reputation for developing highly talented graduates. Second, the cost of the living is reasonable compared to London. And, it is easy to travel to London. It takes about less than 2 hours by train from Nottingham to London. As I knew that I would visit London often for my research or assignment, the easy access to London was important when I chose the school.

2. What was the most daunting thing about NTU, your course and the city of Nottingham?

As an international student, language can be one of the barriers to be successful in studying abroad. In the beginning of my study, it was the same case for me. Throughout the course, students are required to do a variety of group projects and submit written work including reports and essays. Especially developing academic writing skills, not only accurate spelling and grammar, but also logical reasoning with correct reference, is very crucial to achieve high grades. NTU offers language classes for international students which I found helpful.

3. What was your favourite memory from NTU?

My favourite memory was when I worked on my final project. In the final year, students are allowed to be more involved in decisions about the choice of subject matter, research methods, and content of the final project.

Trend forecasting has always intrigued me during my study, and in my final year, I was working as a trend intern in a Nottingham-based trend forecasting company. I selected trend forecasting as a topic of my project and designed the research plan. It was the perfect time to prove my ability to work independently as well as utilise all the skills and knowledge that I had gained from the course.

I took proactive initiative to approach people for questionnaire and interviews and asked advice from the director of the company where I was doing internship. In the end, I was able to create an insightful and creative trend report as a final outcome covering trend directions and marketing strategies for fashion brands, applying the trends addressed in the report. This has been one of my proudest achievements at NTU.

4. What were the best things about NTU, your course and the city of Nottingham?

I enjoyed the whole journey in studying at NTU from reading Vogue and Bazaar magazines published in 1960s in the Boots library to working for different live projects. The Fashion Marketing & Branding course I studied gave me a unique insight into industry practices, through case studies and live projects. NTU library obtains a wide range of high quality publications, magazines, books, and journals on fashion/art/design as well as marketing. You can make use of those resources for your coursework.

In terms of the city of Nottingham, one of the best things is that almost everything you need such as shops, supermarkets, and banks is within walking distance, which means you can save travel expense. Also, the living cost is reasonable compared to London.

5. How did NTU benefit and prepare you for your career in industry?

I have learned a number of things over three years at NTU which are real benefits for progressing into my chosen career. (When I did this interview, I was working at a research company.) For example, I was able to develop my teamwork and communication skills from undertaking a variety of group projects, and market research & strategy-related coursework helped me improve my analytical skills. Besides those skills, some of the life lessons which I gained when I was at NTU, are goal-setting, time management, going beyond my comfort zone to achieve my objectives and aspirations.

6. If you were giving advice to a student considering study at NTU, what advice would you give them?

If you are an international student, studying abroad is a great way to broaden your horizons. During my study, I encountered a lot of high and low points. I achieved great things in my learning but there were times when I felt as though I wanted to give up everything. However, it has made me more independent and wiser in making choices in different circumstances. My advice is ‘do not give up, be confident, get as many experiences as you can, and make the most of university programmes.’ NTU offers students some great programmes such as the Acceler8 Award & Employability and Mentoring which help them develop their skills. I completed Acceler8 Award & Employability, which brought me a chance to make good friends and prepare myself for a successful career.

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